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I had a really weird dream last night. I was convinced there was an Iain Banks novel that I used to own, but that gotten lost when I moved from Europe to the US ten years ago. Not just that, but it was a great novel and I really felt an urgent need to re-read it. (It is far from clear to me why I hadn't missed it in the last ten years, but that's dreams for you.)

I even came up with he title, background and portions of the plot. The "lost" Iain Banks novel is called tthe Orraries of Skye (typo on purpose). The hero, in his late twenties, is returning to his home island after ten years and rediscovers the weird sect his family belongs to. His uncle is the non-speaking guardian of an unspecified object and all religious discussions have to be silent (again, don't ask). Then the uncle gets murdered and (worse) his books are thrown outside of his house for our hero to recover and puzzle through.

Nothing else comes up, which is why I had to re-read the book. In my dream, I spent a good amount of time trying to find the book online, but apparently the author or publisher had withdrawn it (again, don't ask) so it could no longer be found.

Clearly I'm obsessed with books, and equally clearly I really liked both Whit and Crow Road. I'm not sure how all that translates to a vivid dream of actually holding the book, and my dreamed panic of not being able to find it. But I can hardly wait for somebody to actually write it :-)


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