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Heidi and I have iPhones, which in the US means we have AT&T as a wireless provider. We signed up for automatic payment on the second month and it's been working pretty smoothly.

Except last month. AT&T was three days late taking the money out of my account (which had a healthy balance - they delay must have bene on their end) and now they sent me a bill that specifies that I am (1) overdue on last month's payment and MUST pay this right away and (2) I should not pay anything because they will take the money out of my account automatically.

Whatever geniuses designed their billing system and form letter generation system need to have their heads examined. It'd be amusing if it weren't such a sad display of incompetence.

Date: 2008-11-10 12:17 am (UTC)
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I know--AT&T is terribly frustrating. I have them for my home phone too, and I got a note last week that said if I want to opt out of having them access my personal CPNI info for marketing purposes, I have to call a particular 800 number within a set period of time. Every time I tried the number, over multiple days, it said "CPNI is full." Somehow I *think* that AT&T can manage not to fill its mailbox if it were interested in doing so. :P

I reported it to their own ethics-violation number, though I have no idea if it will help.


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