Nov. 4th, 2008 09:17 am
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I am still reading CJ Cherryh - mostly on the train and in the gym, as the paperbacks are an easy size. I've gone through the Chanur series, the Foreigner series, the Faded Sun trilogy, and and now in the middle of the Morgain trilogy. Good stuff. I gave up on Downbelow station, as it just didn't grip me - I may give that another try after Cyteen.

I'm still following Jo Walton's advice on; last weekend, I re-read the first two Walter Jon Williams books, Ambassador of Progress and Knight Moves. He's long been a favorite writer of mine (especially Aristoi and Metropolitan, and his latest Implied Spaces was pure genius.) I will probably re-read all his other works once I'm done with Cherryh.

At home, I'm mostly reading hardcovers. I enjoyed Richard Morgan's The Steel Remains and especially Ken MacLeod's The Night Sessions - I cannot wait for the Second Enlightenment to happen in our world. I'm in the middle of the new Neal Stephenson, Anathem. It's good, but a little slow - he spends a lot of time building the society, but I'm probably missing a lot of good stuff that will only become apparent later. I really like the voice of the main character - somehow, it reminds me of the better Ian M Banks books. I'm pretty sure I will enjoy the book even more on a second read in a year or so.


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