Feb. 15th, 2009

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Heidi and I don't really celebrate Valentine's day. The main reason is that our first date was on February 11th, and celebrating that instead means restaurant reservations will be easy to get.

This year, we went to Cafe Perbacco, a great Italian place, close to where I used to live in the East Village.

Thursday was beer night with my friends, but on Friday night I brought home flowers and we drank some fine champagne to celebrate the log weekend (Heidi) and 1234567890 ctime (me).

Yesterday, on actual Valentine's day, I brought Heidi a "some assembly required" rib cage and heart card.
(Living with a physical anthropologist and overall CSI girl means that skull and/or bone themed gifts are always appropriate.)

For our Sunday brunch, Heidi is making me poffertjes, a traditional Dutch batter treat. We haven't had those since our trip to Holland, but my mom gave us the traditional cast-iron pan as a wedding gift almost five years ago and I guess it's time to use it.

So now we just need a nice relaxing thing to do tomorrow and we'll have the perfect quiet weekend. WHo said romance was dead?


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